It Only Takes 21 Days to Break a Habit

3 Simple Steps 

Day 0 – TODAY

1.  Create a 21 day plan to make or break a habit

Day 1-20

2.   Check in with yourself or a accountability partner every day for 20 days

Day 21

3.   Enjoy yourself and repeat days 1-20 or create a new challenge



Let’s make it even easier

Plan Details – Things To Include In Your Plan

  • Make Sure You Put Your Plan In Writing!!!!!
  • Write down why you want to make or break this habit
    • For example why you want to lose weight (to be healthy, to look good, self-confidence…)
  • Identify your trigger
    • Write down your triggers
    • Write down your how to get around your triggers (PLAN NOW you will need this info.)
      • Plan your meals, time, make a budget …..
  • Write out positive affirmations   (Repeat Out Loud Several Times A Day)

  • note cards, post-its, flyers, screen savers (place them where you will see them)
    • put them on mirrors (that you
    • on the steering wheel of your car
    • on the refrigerator
    • on the computer
  • Constant contact
    • Engage others in what you are doing (Talk About It)
    • Check in everyday with yourself and/ or your accountability partner
    • Review your plan
      • If any trigger devils showed up today, how did you get around them? If the trigger devil got you today how do you plan to defeat him or future devils?

Visualize Yourself Achieving Your New Habit!




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